The Tortis de Baron

With the Tortis de Baron, each stone, each color, each shape adds up, multiplies and proposes a richly layered story, from which its prolific exuberance establishes, between the craftswoman and her public, an immediate collusion. Here, they are accomplices in their attempt to kill off what is conventional and boring.


An original combination of three colors red, green and purple for this falsely modest necklace. Four little derivations mounted on a gold thread compensate for the importance of the central emerald and the little trinkets tagging along.


A carved tourmaline set in dotted gold indicate the center of this green monochrome necklace, enriched on both sides by briolettes also set in gold. It combines sobriety and freshness.


Very characteristic of the Tortis de Baron collection, this necklace with joyful colors, where blue dominates, allies harmoniously facetted or carved stones, gold trinkets and little derivations.


Burgundy or grey sapphire beads confer to this necklace his rebellious character, enlightened by the opall’s iridescent white. Diversions, gold pendants and briolettes arranged in a buoyant rhythm make it come to life.


Simplicity and classicism were chosen for the mounting of these magnificent emeralds with their simultaneously powerful and demanding color.


Precious and sophisticated, this necklace is worn like a secret. The staccato of little set diamonds, the legato of small carved tourmalines, the silence of a golden tube. It expresses itself freely, without ever forgetting its melodic line.


A complementary set, with this faceted ruby and tiny yellow sapphire briolettes. An even more exuberant dance runs through the bracelet.


Alone or in combination, this ruby necklace and his bracelet is perfectly suited for an initiation into the world of gems, or appreciated for its simplicity and discretion.

© Les colégraphes