The Precious Ones

Going to and fro, in degrees, in pink, shining, or beaded, a carved gem frequently induces a solitary use. Each one, perfect is self-sufficient. But juxtaposing them complicates our pleasure. Colours, shapes, the density of their brightness and their interaction will determine sensations, provoke emotions that will only get more sophisticated with time.


Carved gems of exceptional quality, thanks to which the pastel colors of this flamboyant necklace seem to show itself in a light of feigned modesty. Blonde tourmalines, tender peridots, rose powder, leaves or gold shamrocks. Indeed, it’s springtime…


Four ancient medals and four set tourmalines magnify all the shapes and colors of the carved gems of this luxurious necklace, including the central one, who offers herself as a prisoner in her gilded cage.


This necklace of tourmaline, green or blue-lagoon, invites dreams of love. Is this the mirror over which Abelard leans?


Three-colors-purple for this example of composition, where the intense and deep personality of the amethyst rhythms away in a regular sequence, a repetitive chorus, ceaselessly interrupted by little playful charms.


Antique gold beads, and clasp ornamented with a lagoon color set indigolite for this unique piece of subtle harmony. The dimension of the gold pearls make the necessary space for the varied shapes of the tourmaline, oval, pear, marquise or emerald-carved.


The tourmalines that compose this necklace are of a rare quality and dimension. One could get lost in the contemplation of each individual stone. Jewelry fit for a queen, simply breathtaking.


The red of the rubellites and the blue of the kinites or of the aigue-marine answer each other to the point of creating a well-adjusted alliance for this playful circle dance brightened up by gold trinkets.

© Les colégraphes