The Oxymorons

This collection is about combining diverse contradictory elements with the goal of transforming the heterogeneous in a layout full of meaning. However, this organization cannot be apprehended right away. The key progressively unveils itself, letting the story told by the artist appear.

Kishi (Night in a Native American dialect)

Red or green shades, an onset of brown or blue, it’s a pristine night, warm and bewitching. All the stars are out. The color is contained within each tourmaline, whose darkness is only skin deep. Antique gold coins, old medals, precious little things or magical rings.

Jin Hua (Gold flower in Chinese)

By a rose paved path, at the hot hour of midday, three tourmalines as yellow as many suns, illuminate all the surrounding flowers. Interlaced by gold, the sapphire, the rubellite or the emerald dance on the neck of that radiant woman.

Nichibotsu (Sunset in Japanese)

From dawn until dusk is what illustrated in this piece disguised as a bit of sky. Gems, in tune with each other, compete with delicacy to inflame or dim the lights according to the hour of the day or night. The tourmaline is queen in her domain, gold is there to serve her.

Gorlitsa (Turtledove in Russian)

This refined necklace exploits the infinite variety of grays and pinkish grays, going all the way to white hues for the little recesses of sapphire. The similarity between the subtle tones of the turtledove that inspires this piece and the tourmalines that compose it, evokes the link between all things in nature.


Defying our grandmothers’ pearls and a simplistic color symbolism, this very elaborate necklace plays around with codes -parading complexity with diplomacy. White or nearly-white tourmaline, antique gold coin pendants, old medals and other complications.

Kanshana (Gold in hindi)

Here, the source is musical for this necklace composed in counterpoint. A strict sequence of verdelites, emerald-carved, alternating with another one all made of trinkets, (briolettes or small set tourmaline), for an unexpected dialogue. Gold tubes with mobile rings help link everything together.

Ozalee (Rising sun in Native American dialect)

A more modest version of the latter, all the stones of this set are mounted separately on a gold thread. The small sapphires or tourmalines offer their celestial tones independently from one another. Dawn with its rose fingers caresses them all.

Jendayi (Egypte)

This necklace is composed in a way that each stone tries to impose upon the others its superiority. Each one is so self-assured that it tries to be the main star. Nevertheless, their size, their irreproachable quality and the interaction of their colors allows for a balanced and coherent whole. Gold is only there to federate. Unique.

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