The Apollonius

Symbolic triangle, lunar sphere, regular polygons, all those pure geometrical shapes organize themselves in a luminous chromatic line, rhythmic, well-mastered, expressing Apollo’s victory over Dionysus.


This majestic set offers its nuanced greens and reds in a paced dialogue, where geometry can enumerate all its shapes, bound together by old gold beads.


A tenuous hue for the amethyst that rhythm with obstinacy its composition. A surprising coupling of its purple with the alternation of all its other colors- pink, lime or saffron – give it, simultaneously, elegance and personality.


A continuous gradation of greens and blues for those two necklaces. Rhythmed by its even-looking pearls, the one in the middle scales its regular shapes and offers appeasement. Meanwhile, the one on its circumference imposes itself with the brightness of a tourmaline, a carved kinite or a wide-array of dissimilar gold beads.


Monochromatic range, going from a delicate pink to an inflamed red for this rubellite necklace, some of which are engraved. Oval pearls bracelet.


A magnificent and rare necklace composed of an alternation of  old gold coins and facetted or chiseled rectangular carved stones, in a harmony of greens, blue-greens, saffron and crimson red.

© Les colégraphes