« Everything started three decades ago, in this wondrous Venetian city of Chania in Crete. At the very beginning, Greek antiquity had inspired us our first collection. Then, little by little, as our company evolved, every form of art nourished our inspiration… READ MORE >

Unique pieces in number

The “Claudia Gellenoncourt Jewelry collection” strikes at once with its great diversity of necklaces and bracelets. Nevertheless, from this diversity quickly emerges an obvious fact: each piece possesses its own character and stands out from another, thanks to an original idea, a particular disposition, a new stone shape or a provocation even.

Amazement grows as one discovers the extent of the collection. A paradox arises: a great number of unique pieces. What elements compose all those jewels? Evidently, of stones of all size and colours, but also of all kinds of different gold beads, charms, designed according to inspiration or ancient medals.

However sophisticated the pieces may be, the creator’s talent transforms this abundance into a jewel that one can wear every day. Soon it becomes the one and only.


Everything started…

Everything started three decades ago, in this wondrous Venetian city of Chania in Crete. At the very beginning, Greek antiquity had inspired us our first collection. Then, little by little, as our company evolved, every form of art nourished our inspiration. Today, painting, music or literature contributes to the elaboration of a jewelry line or of one particular piece.

Other elements still, can encourage our imagination, such as a color, a special stone or a ceremonial dress. And if we ever were to lack a key component, this would only contribute further to our creative process; as it is of the utmost interest to us to play with constraints and to defy (technical) challenges.

Because our boutique benefits from a richly varied clientele from all corners of the earth, its wonderful diversity never ceases to inspire us. Pleasure is ceaselessly renewed, ideas pour in and the quest for perfection, as in a painter’s dream, carries on forever.



Amongst the different aspects of my work, the contact with the women for whom the jewels are designed, is privileged above all else. It is a source of exchanges and a of very authentic pleasure.
The design, the choice of stones and their carving, the fabrication of golden elements are, indeed, all determining details in the final outcome; however, the final setting is done with the intention of surpassing oneself and of seducing our clientele.

The exchange between the amateur of arts and the artist is well known. In the setting of an artistic craftsmanship, I had not anticipated its sheer power. When a woman is the inspiration for a necklace, never imagined before her, the experience is unforgettable. Oftentimes even, the name of this woman transfers upon the piece itself, which then becomes “the Margarete Necklace” or “the Elizabeth necklace”, thus, uniting them.
The combination of art, of a woman, of her desire and as a reward, the shared emotion of when the jewel touches her skin, all of this sums up my work.

Contact us

All of our jewelry are unique pieces. They are made of fine stones and of 18K (carats) gold. The gems and gold elements are mounted on a professional streak composed of 19 strands of steel threaded together in a gold-platted sheath. An 18K gold thread is used to mount the earrings. A master craftsman’s hallmark, the artist’s logo, appears on each jewel. A very detailed guarantee is given with a color photo of each jewel, along with a description and the name of each stone.

Because we like to maintain a special relationship with each one of our clients, we wish to have a first contact before any online purchase, either by email or telephone. We might ask a photo as well as indications concerning the tastes, style and favorite colors of the person for whom the jewel is destined. Thus, we will better be able to assist you in the appropriate selection of pieces that will best suit your wishes and budget.

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